For work and life

As employees, we know that balancing our working life with our personal life makes for a more sustainable, contented and healthier future.

And as a business, the happier and more committed our teams, the more our business will thrive.

Many organisations have a flexible working policy, but aren’t using it to maximum benefit. And others may be thinking about it, but aren’t sure how to implement a policy that can be managed and sustained.

We're here to lead you on the journey to a flexible role

That’s where Flexibility Matters can help.

As a recruitment consultancy dedicated to flexible working, we have a wealth of experience of finding the best candidates for businesses based in the South East and ensuring that once adopted, flexible working will be at the heart of a businesses recruitment strategy.

We work with candidates, helping them present their skills and experience to ensure a culture and value fit with your business.

We support, mentor and are always on hand for careers advice and new ideas.

Our approach to recruitment is totally people focussed. Our empathy and enthusiasm are channelled into matching the right candidate with the right business opportunity, by getting to know both client and candidate well and forming longterm relationships with both. In our experience, most roles can be worked flexibly and with thought and clarity, we can help Sussex based businesses, make it happen.

Where do we work?

We’re based in Brighton and work with businesses up and down the M23, from Brighton, through mid-Sussex, Haywards Heath, to Hampshire and up to South London. Our heart is in the South East and our business is flexible recruitment.

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