Catrina, DabApps

It was great to meet and work with Emma during the Spring Forward festival, for which she organised and compared an event on flexible working. It was brilliant to learn about the work Emma does with companies to educate them on the benefits of flexible working and to discuss this with other women in the digital industry. The whole process, from early stage planning to the event itself, was insightful, educational, exceptionally well organised and best of all, great fun! I look forward to working with Emma again in the future.

Candi, Liquid Light

“Working with Emma has been an absolute pleasure and eye-opener. I never thought that such opportunities were out there to enable employees to be truly flexible and achieve a sustainable work/life balance”

Cat, First Central

“Having worked with Emma professionally over the past year I have found her energy and enthusiasm for supporting flexible working infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed co-facilitating the Sussex round table with Emma and Winnie (Propellernet) in March and was inspired by those around me to put plans into action for a better understanding and implementation of flexible working in the future.”

Nikki, Propellernet

“There is nothing Emma doesn’t know about how to enable both the business and the candidate benefit from flexible working. Enabling your team to work flexibly is a no-brainer, you have an immediate competitive advantage over more ‘traditional business hours’ companies; by tapping into an enhanced pool of talent who have more than work to fill their days, those who have family life to balance, side hustles that enable them to be more creative, sporting activities that require dedication alongside work. (Oh, that will be most of us then).”

Flexmatters can help you dip into this gold mine that can be missed by other recruiters – enabling people to balance life and work means working with people who are so engaged, their ideas may just light up the world.

Candi, Liquid Light

“Flexibility gives me the time for my music, its not about the money!”

Tiffany, Ticketmedia

“The team were able to send through high calibre candidates from their untapped pool of experienced professionals and worked closely with us to help fill the role. Solutions were found for us and the whole process worked really well.”

Emily, WAAC

“I found a director-level role as well as recruited two members of staff through Flexibility Matters so I have experience of working with them on both sides, as an employer as well as someone looking for a new job. In both circumstances, I was impressed with the level of professionalism and efficiency and the excellent results. They understood what was needed and cracked on! I especially liked the way both Emma and Hannah gave such a personal touch. I would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone looking for high-quality people and those who are open to the benefits of flexible working.”

Alison, Workhorse

“Flexibility Matters are different to other recruiters: they listen and they think outside-the-box. There is a huge wealth of talent that doesn’t want the normal 9 to 5 and if you listen to other recruiters, they will tell you there isn’t the demand. However, Ten2Two work with forward-thinking companies who are prepared to do things differently. From the first moment that Flexibility Matters suggested a role to me, they listened and suggested a job that matched my needs, career experience and my working needs. They keep you informed, they are friendly and you feel like you are working on it as a team, rather than being just a number and a fee. They have a great instinct for matching people with business requirements and are easy to work with. I have now also started working with them on the recruitment side for my new job role and the experience is the same. If you are looking for something that truly matches you and has greater flexibility to match your life needs; speak to FM”

Winnie, Propellernet

“Having known Emma for some time we’ve recently formed a working group called Work Links with Cat Harris Senior L&D Partner at First Central Insurance, an alliance to promote and pioneer flexible working best practice in Sussex. The most recent round table was a huge success with active participation from over 15 local businesses and a wealth of insight to share on flexible working policy and implementation. It was so good, there has been huge demand for another!”

Its been an absolute pleasure working with Emma on this project, facilitating the day, her infectious enthusiasm and passion for putting Sussex on the map when it comes to Flexible Work practises is second to none.

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