Training partner Ursula Tavender

Training workshops to engage, equip and enable managers to embrace flexible working and confidently build a culture of trust, exceptional communication and high performance within their teams.

The benefits of flexible working are far-reaching for your company, your people and for the UK economy. By enabling more people to design flexible ways of working that suit their lifestyles and the needs of the business, you will not only enhance productivity and wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and increase retention but also become more competitive, save money and increase profitability.

About Ursula Tavender

Director, speaker, consultant and activist

Ursula Tavender is Co-Managing Director of Flexpo, an innovative provider of flexible working events, consultancy, training and digital products that change the world of work, making it more equitable and inclusive for everyone.

Following a successful career in corporate communications, Ursula founded her first business in 2015 with the mission to change the world of work by helping companies become more flexible, inclusive and close pay gaps.

Alongside her business partner and Co-MD, Maddy Cole, Ursula is now building a company that complement the brilliant campaigns for social, societal and business change by challenging and enabling organisations to think and act differently, make bold decisions and lead the way in their sector with impactful change to flexible working culture, behaviours and mindsets.

Ursula has found a strong sense of purpose in innovating solutions and developing tools that support people – regardless of their circumstances or working pattern – to stay and progress at work, increase flexible working opportunities for everyone and strengthen the female talent pipeline.

She also participates in a number of influential government groups and regularly writes, speaks, comments and campaigns for business change on the issues of closing the gender pay gap, flexible working and the future of work in a post-pandemic world.

For more information on our workshops, get in touch with Emma at or call on 07810 541599

Ursula Tavender, Training Partner Flexibility Matters

We can help overcome each of these challenges with high impact 1/2 day workshops to help your managers say yes to flex

Managers’ time is precious, so this brand new training solution offers a fast, impactful way to help you support and enable your teams to embrace flexible working, build incredible trust and communication so that your people can do their best work.

We’ll work collaboratively in advance to customise a half-day session to fit the needs of your company, so that by the end of our time together every single manager who attends leaves feeling equipped and empowered to truly make flexible working work within their team.

Each workshop can be tailored to fit your brief, but a typical session may include:

  • An introduction to flexible working, the law and the company’s policy.
  • The benefits and why flexible working is important for the business.
  • What flexibility can look like.
  • How it works – with case studies to show a broad range of flexible options.
  • How to empower a team to adopt a flexible culture.
  • How to manage, include and engage colleagues working flexibly.
  • How to create an environment of trust and effective communication with teams working flexibly.

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