If you need an expert in negotiation, a team leader with bags of patience or a multi-tasker with excellent time-management, then hiring a parent – accomplished and practiced in these very areas could be the best recruiting decision you’ve ever made.

At Flexibility Matters, we meet many professionals with skills derived, not only from their careers and professions but also from parenting, that can be hugely beneficial to any type of business. Being able to stay calm, with a measured sense of perspective, and the ability to display empathy against all the odds are just a couple of prime examples. Here are our top five transferable parenting skills to not miss out on:

Masters at getting stuff done: The requirements of a parent are vast, multi-faceted and in many cases time sensitive. It’s natural that when you have less time, you focus more on the tasks that need to be done – finding ways to make them as efficient as possible. A laser focus and commitment to output rather than hours, is the result, as well as the ability to multi-task like a ninja.

Natural leaders: Major contributors to the knowledge, skills and abilities of their children, parents as role models are required to exercise unwavering focus and determined consistency. Within a business team this commitment applied to a project or business case, as well as the ability to motivate and inspire, can be the key to its success.

Sharp and accomplished project managers: The ability to coordinate home duties, family events, academic responsibilities, all whilst functioning amidst constant distractions, means being able to plan and prioritise is essential. Strong organisational skills, attention to detail and the ability to solve problems are all hard skills required for parenting that are also crucial for project manager roles.

Flexible and able to change direction with ease: Faced with many new challenges, changing gear is natural for parents who find what they need to know when they need to know it. They are also award winning at stretching a budget far and wide and utilising talents to help manage demands on time.

 Excellent at negotiation and conflict management. Becoming a parent is challenging and requires copious amounts of patience, diplomacy and understanding. Well versed at looking at a situation from all angles in order to settle on the ideal scenario that benefits everyone at home, translates into the workplace.

Dedicated to flexible recruiting, best practice in flexible working, events and training, at Flexibility Matters we help local businesses reap the rewards of a flexible workforce and professionals secure a role that achieves the work/life balance they need. Contact Emma and the team on 0781 0541 599 or 01273 842 288 or email: emma@flexmatters.co.uk.

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