How to work as a consultant?

Business demand in employing consultants and contractors is never more in demand than in economic tough times, when companies see the benefits of working with specialist consultants with experience, on projects – short term contracts, but not on payroll.  

Who uses consultants? 

Flexibility Matters work with a diverse range of companies – including marketing agencies, investment banking software creators and healthcare providers. These companies work with us because they are confident that the consultants we offer are experienced, have a diverse range of skill sets and are comfortable working flexibly – of course! Sufficiently experienced to work autonomously and bring talent and years of knowledge to a business where they are placed. Some consultancy clients utilise our consultants on an ongoing basis, others have a fixed term project in mind when they ask us to find them a consultant.  

What to consider when setting up as a consultant 

If you’re not already working as a consultant, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to assess your skillset and focus on areas you excel in and enjoy. Working as a consultant can – 

  • Give you more autonomy with your workload 
  • Choose/define your hours (balanced with what is needed by clients) 
  • A quicker recruitment process 
  • A foot in the door for advancement opportunities 
  • An opportunity to build your professional network 
  • Offers a greater career choice, as you garner diverse experience 
  • Lucrative compensation 
  • Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility 

Flexibility Matters recently ran a Work Ready webinar with Paige Collins of Warren House Accountants. Paige shared information on areas to consider when up as a consultant 

  • when and if you need to register to pay VAT 
  • insurance  
  • marketing your services 

You can read Paige’s full presentation here. 

Already working as a consultant? 

If you are already working as a consultant, joining the Flexibility Matters consultancy team could expand your client base, in business areas you’d not explored before. We source the companies, our team will be on hand to guide you through the process, introducing you to clients who are looking to work with a consultant, either on a short- or long-term basis. We can advise you on daily rates for your level of expertise and will handle all the financial aspects with the client.  

If you would like to find out more, contact, call 07810 541599 or register your CV here. 

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