Whether it’s for your LinkedIn page or the first paragraph on your CV, crafting an outstanding personal profile summary is crucial to standing out from the crowd and landing that job of your dreams. Here are some simple ways to make your personal profile sing:

For your CV:

  • Succinct and powerful: A CV personal profile, positioned directly underneath your name and contact details, is essentially a condensed version of a cover letter and should be no more than three lines in length. Its intention is to instantly convince the hiring manager that your qualifications match the job requirements and that you are the best person for the role.
  • Personalise: Think about the recruiter and what they need to know immediately, only including the skills and qualifications that relate to the specific role and industry.
  • Avoid clichés and buzzwords: Anything that could be true of anybody else, for example, ‘responsible’, ‘effective’, ‘strategic’. Showcase your unique selling points relevant to the role and get a friend to read over it to make sure it sounds authentically you.
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For LinkedIn:

  • Headline is key: When seeking a job, avoid using the headline space for your job title and current company, instead use the space to showcase your specialism or area of focus.
  • A stand-out summary: It’s simply a paragraph that needs to concisely summarise your professional history, qualifications and personality, but, essential to retaining the reader on your page. Use an accomplishments approach that explains why you are perfect for a role in the industry siting key achievements and experience.
  • Get a custom URL: Something often missed on LinkedIn – you’re able to customise your URL with your name or even your specialism instead of the numbers automatically assigned. Simply click on ‘edit public profile URL’.
  • choose the right photo: Do a little research into what people’s photos in your target industry sector are like and match them. Alternatively, within reason, depicting yourself doing the role you are seeking would certainly grab some attention as well as convey your passion for what you do. Make sure your face can be seen.

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