UNDERSTANDING YOUR SKILLS & IDENTIFYING YOUR UNIQUE TALENTS can be a key step in moving towards a career that agrees with your lifestyle. Here are some top tips to uncovering them:

Do a hard skills audit

Identify and make a list of your hard skills – what you have been trained in or learnt and then developed. Hard skills examples are; qualifications, programming languages, software competency, technical writing etc…

Do a soft skills audit

Make a list of your personal skills, that can sometimes be harder to quantify, but are crucial to how you will interact with your colleagues and clients. These could be; negotiating, project managing or people management.

Identify your talents

We can often be unsure of what these are, but generally they are what we are simply naturally good at – things that you just do and don’t think about. Make a list – thinking back on things you did that left you energised or as a child you just simply loved.

The sweet spot

This is where your skills, talents and what you love doing cross over. Identifying this spot and applying it to a job type could be a way to uncovering your bliss.

Close the skills gaps

Identify the skills that you don’t have that separate you from those who are already working in the roles you are interested in. Close them by acquiring the relevant knowledge, experience and any qualifications you need.

Transferable skills

Highlight within your CV and applications those hard and soft skills that are also transferable – allowing you to match a wider range of roles and maybe some that you may not have considered before.

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