It has been such a pleasure working with Jane Hargreaves at Sussex-based medical device consultancy, Psephos Biomedica. Jane has used our flexible recruitment services for some time, and has experienced us from both sides, having been herself a candidate, and having recruited four candidates from Flexibility Matters.

Jane comments, “When I first started working for Psephos through Flexibility Matters, it was on an eight-hour week, consultancy contract. As a freelance worker, I had a number of other clients, so it gave me the flexibility I needed. Psephos was much smaller then, so by recruiting for a part time, flexible role, the company benefitted from my skills and expertise, at a price that was affordable for them.”

Psephos and Flexibility Matters

As the business grew, so did Jane’s role, and she is now full time, with a team nearing 20 people.

About the Flexibility Matters’ recruitment service, Jane says:

“When I’m recruiting part time and flexible roles, I always look to Emma and the team at Flexibility Matters. Emma has access to a much wider range of really good people who are specifically looking for flexible jobs and flexible consultancy work. She really knows our business, she understands what we do, how we work and what we need from candidates so it makes life much easier.

Jane continues:

“Emma has always been able to find us individuals with a wealth of experience who have perhaps not been in the workplace for a number of years or who are specifically looking for the flexible roles that we offer. She seems to anticipate our needs, calling at just the right time, and being able to quickly provide us with the candidates we need.”

Psephos & Flexibility Matters

As well as permanent roles, Jane has used Flexibility Matters to find her professional candidates to deliver a specific short-term project, to support the team:

“We needed some project work to be done, specifically HR, which I just didn’t have the time or the professional expertise to deliver. Emma put forward an HR Consultant whom we appointed on a short-term project basis. She provides us with a specific focus, auditing what we already have, reviewing things, advising me of where we need to go and putting plans in place which we can then manage going forwards. It’s given us an ideal short term, flexible solution as an alternative to a permanent role and I’m delighted at the arrangement.”

We love working with Jane and supporting Psephos by delivering high calibre candidates which meet their needs. It’s wonderful to work with a business whose culture is firmly founded on flexibility.

If you’re looking for a flexible professional, contact Emma and the team at Flexibility Matters on 0781 0541 599 or 01273 842 288 or email amedical device regulatory, clinical and quality consultancy, visit Psephos Biomedica.

Flexibility Matters & Psephos

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