Standing out with a dazzling CV is crucial to landing that all important interview, so here are some of our top tips for getting it just right:

Personalised gets picked

Tailor your CV content to individual roles. Take the job requirements and match them to your skills and achievements from your most recent roles.

Catch the eye

Make sure your CV format fits the position you are going for. If it’s a creative role, for example, then how it looks is important. If it’s an editorial role – the written word is key

Highlight transferable skills

Especially important if you are making a career change. Highlight in the first page your relevant skills and experience drawn from your entire career history and make the connections explicit, so employers recognise them as transferable to the role.

Nail it with the opening statement

Think about the recruiter and what they would need to know immediately. A succinct opening statement, tailored to the specific role, could make all the difference, especially when CVs are scanned.

Keep it short

The maximum length for a CV is 2 pages, so focus on making relevant your two most recent roles and pulling out transferable skills from previous roles into an overall competencies section.

Edit and edit again

Make sure there are no typos in your CV. As well as self-editing, get a friend to check through it too. Nothing screams sloppy worker than a spelling mistake on a CV.

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