As we gear up for polling day on the 12th December, following months of Brexit deadlock, is it time to own the uncertainty for ourselves and make decisions for our businesses that can work for any outcome?

For many businesses, the continuing market uncertainty is creating delays in operational decisions and reductions in budgets as well as recruitment and pay freezes. It’s never been more important to have an agile business structure, so right now is the perfect time to start recruiting flexibly.

Christmas is the key time to recruit flexible employees, working particularly well to match peak season demands with extra talent. But, as with that puppy….recruiting flexibly is not just for Christmas!

Having a flexible workforce can not only solve an immediate peak season demand, but it can also help with those longer term agile operation requirements.

Here are our top 5 reasons why it makes perfect pre-Christmas and pre-polling day business sense to recruit flexibly:

EXPERTISE ON A BUDGET: With budgets a concern right now…a flexible professional, with bags of experience, can inject expertise that meets a short term strategic business need at a minimal cost. For example, a Marketing Consultant, a Digital Strategist, a Financial Planner.

ATTRACTING THE BEST FOR LESS:Offering flexible options for a role appeals more to a pool of highly skilled professionals that will only consider businesses who they are able to work for outside of the traditional 9-5 hours. They are an untapped pool of talent who may not be affordable on a full-time basis and who can flex with demand.

REDUCED RISK: For smaller businesses, employing full-time staff is one of the biggest expenses, so matching flexible talent with the growth of the business helps to better manage the bottom line. It’s also a sensible and affordable longer term way to recruit in an uncertain market.

EXTENSION OF COVER:A flexible working pattern can create the facility to extend the working day or week and flex resources in response to busier periods. Working outside the 9-5 can work better for both employees and employers.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Allowing experts to work the hours they are most efficient in, results in better productivity. Employees that work flexibly generally tend to achieve more in less time, they stay longer due to a working culture of commitment and high morale and there is significantly less absenteeism.

At Flexibility Matters we know how important skilled, motivated and retained employees are to the profitability and productivity of any sized business. As a recruitment team specialising in sourcing local flexible professionals, we’re dedicated to the benefits this provides.

If you’re a company looking to recruit flexibly or a professional looking for a flexible career role, get in touch. For our latest roles, more on who we are, details of how to sign up, flexible working advice and more: contact the team on: 07810 541599. 

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