Since Covid hit, many of us have had a taste of flexible working hours jobs in one sense or another. When offices closed and we were forced to work from home, many businesses realised they needed to get on board and thankfully many have continued to offer flexibility post-lockdown. There are now recruitment consultants in Sussex who help job applicants find the best paying flexible part time jobs near Brighton and Hove that perfectly suits the candidate’s requirements, schedules, and lifestyle.

With so many workers now demanding jobs with short hours and good pay, businesses have had to stand up and take notice, which is great news for people looking for work.

You may think that part time roles are not well paid and back in pre-covid times this was often the case. Well, the good news is that now, in this post-lockdown world, flexible working hours jobs command decent salaries.

But finding the best paying flexible part time jobs near Brighton and Hove in Sussex can be difficult — not to mention time consuming because of the tedious process of sending the same application to so many companies, waiting for a reply, preparing for the interview, and what not. This is where recruitment agencies come in handy!

Their great connections with a wide range of businesses, mean that recruitment consultancies specialising in flexible working jobs in Sussex attract a wide range of part time job vacancies in companies that only require a few hours a day. They are able to fill the positions with the right candidates who are registered with their consultancy. This enables job seekers to avoid a lot of hassle and allows them to work flexibly, which better suits their lifestyle – amazing right?


To give you some examples, here are some of the best paying flexible part time jobs near Brighton and Hove:

IT Jobs

Good IT people are always needed and are well paid. Businesses in Sussex have some of the best paying flexible IT part time jobs.

Here are some the common requirements of the job:

  • Keep computer systems and networks running safely and smoothly
  • Install and configure computer hardware operating systems and applications
  • Help staff or clients through a series of actions, to help set up systems or resolve issues
  • Troubleshoot system and network problems
  • Replace parts as required
  • Support the roll-out of new applications
  • Set up new users’ accounts and profiles and deal with password issues

Salary range:

The salary ranges from £20,000 to £60,000 FTE depending on the role, experience and consulting or payroll.


Marketing Jobs

You will find that marketing particularly is a discipline which supports flexible work hours jobs, and roles are available across a range of disciplines, from social media and email marketing, to pr and marketing strategy.

Marketing job specification:

  • Create, complete and measure marketing plan
  • Data analysis and converting numbers into insights and recommendations
  • Managing and maximising the marketing budget
  • Networking and maximising opportunities
  • Using and setting up automated systems like marketing, email and CRM software
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • People management expertise and the ability to expand in the role

Salary range:

The salary ranges from £22,000-£60,000 FTE depending on role and experience.


HR Jobs

Historically more of a full-time role, but now you can find some of the best paying flexible part time jobs near Brighton for senior HR professionals.

HR job specification:

  • Support the development and implementation of HR initiatives and systems
  • Consult on policies and procedures
  • Active in recruitment by preparing job descriptions, posting ads and managing the hiring process
  • Develop training and development programmes
  • Support the management of disciplinary and grievance issues
  • Maintain employee records
  • Review employment and working conditions to ensure legal compliance

Salary range:

The salary ranges from £20-25 per hour as a consultant or payroll position


Sales and Business Development Jobs

In times gone by it was unusual to find flexible working hours jobs in sales and business development. These roles tended to require more traditional hours, but nowadays businesses are hiring much more flexibly, which is great news for individuals wanting a better balance.

Sales and Business Development job specification:

  • Develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction
  • Conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs
  • Arrange business meetings with prospective clients
  • Promote the company’s products/services addressing or predicting clients’ objectives
  • Prepare sales contracts ensuring adherence to law-established rules and guidelines
  • Keep records of sales, revenue, invoices etc.
  • Provide trustworthy feedback and after-sales support
  • Build long-term relationships with new and existing customers
  • Develop entry level staff into valuable salespeople

Salary range:

The salary ranges up to 50K FTE basic dependent on experience with a range of commission structures. Also day rate consultancy opportunity £150-200 day rate.


Administrator Jobs

If you’re super organised, why shouldn’t you take advantage of the best paying flexible part time jobs near brighton? Good administrators are really in demand, and now the roles are available as job shares, hybrid working and/or on flexible hours contracts, so they really can work around your life, not the other way around!

Administrator job specification:

  • Book meetings and schedule events
  • Order office stationery and supplies
  • Maintain internal databases
  • Maintain a filing system for data on customers and external partners
  • Prepare regular reports and presentations
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Handle queries from managers and employees

Salary range:

The salary ranges from 22-28K FTE depending on role and experience.


Receptionist Jobs

Back in the day, full time was generally a requirement for receptionist roles, but now they are available as job shares and flexible working hours jobs – never before has the world of work been so flexible.

Receptionist job specification:

  • Greet and welcome guests as soon as they arrive at the office
  • Direct visitors to the appropriate person and office
  • Answer, screen and forward incoming phone calls
  • Receive, sort and distribute daily mail/deliveries
  • Maintain office security and control access
  • Arrange travel and accommodations, and prepare vouchers
  • Perform clerical receptionist duties such as filing, photocopying, transcribing and faxing

Salary range:

The salary ranges from 22-25K FTE depending on role and experience.


Accountant Jobs

Like bookkeepers and payroll experts, good accountants are always needed, and they make up some of the best paying flexible part time jobs near Brighton and Hove. There is no longer the requirement to be full time in these kind of roles, now experienced and senior individuals are finding good career jobs with flexibility.

Accountant job specification:

  • Manage all accounting transactions, statements and reporting
  • Prepare budget forecasts
  • Publish financial statements in time
  • Reconcile accounts payable and receivable
  • Compute taxes and prepare tax returns
  • Report on the company’s financial health and liquidity
  • Audit financial transactions and documents

Salary range:

The salary varies according to industry bandings. Around 45K FTE for an experienced accountant.


Bookkeeper Jobs

You’ll often find flexible working hours jobs as a bookkeeper, because it’s the kind of role that doesn’t require much interaction with others, so you can generally dip into and out of your work and often carry out your duties remotely.

Bookkeeper job specification:

  • Balancing accounts (also known as ‘double book keeping’)
  • Processing sales invoices, receipts and payments
  • Completing VAT returns
  • Preparing invoices for the Inland Revenue
  • Checking company bank statements
  • Preparing cash flow statements
  • Dealing with financial paperwork and filing

Salary range:

The salary ranges from £18-25p/h depending on experience and knowledge of differing accounting packages.


A lot of businesses in Sussex and around the country are adopting the mindset of ‘your day your way’ and allowing employees flexible work hours jobs like never before – reduced hours across more days, fewer longer days and nine-day fortnights, hybrid working, job sharing and more.

And it’s no longer a requirement that working full time is the only way to command a good salary – some of the best paying flexible part time jobs near Brighton and Hove are exactly that – part time! If you look online and register with flexible recruitment consultancies, some of them even help you get your CV looking good and advise on interview skills to help you have your pick of the best flexible working hours jobs around.

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