5+ accounting bookkeeper interview questions and answers UK

You’ve applied for an bookkeeper job, you’ve been selected for interview, now it’s time to prepare. By thinking about the most likely accounting bookkeeper interview questions and answers employers might ask you, you will be able to estimate what to expect during the meeting.

In this article, we will explore the common questions you may be asked, and give you ideas about the types of answers interviewers might be looking for, when recruiting for the position.

By helping you prepare in this way, we hope you will feel confident in the interview and able to shine.

Common bookkeeper interview questions and answers

Whether you’re going for a senior bookkeeper role, or an entry level position, we detail below the most common ‘profession-specific’ questions and answers, as well as a couple of ‘tell me about yourself’ style answers. Let’s explore!

Senior bookkeeper interview questions and answers

If you’re a senior bookkeeper, the kinds of questions you could expect might be …

What kind of financial reports have you been responsible for preparing in previous roles?

Answer: As the sole senior bookkeeper in the business, I was responsible for preparing all financial records, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, loans payable, payroll, cash, inventory, sales and expense accounts. This made for a varied and interesting job, and enabled me to gain experience in all the key areas of financial reporting.

What accounting software do you have experience of?

Answer: I am familiar with a number of accounting systems, including e.g. Sage, Xero and Intuit QuickBooks. In my career, I’ve mainly used e.g. Sage, but I know the other systems to a good level and am more than happy to learn another, if you use a different one.

Entry level bookkeeper interview questions and answers

If you’re an entry level bookkeeper, preparing for an interview, here are some suggested questions and answers you may wish to reflect on …

Accuracy is really important in any bookkeeping role; how might you ensure you avoid making mistakes?

Answer: I am a very detailed person, and I always carefully check my work for accuracy as I go along. I know accounting systems like Sage and Xero can help, and I would be very careful to ensure that any information I put into the system is 100% correct. I would always allocate time to do a final detailed check before any work is submitted.

Can you explain what a balance sheet is and what they are used for

Answer: The purpose of a balance sheet is to show the net worth of the company, and how it is spending money, which is very useful for financial analysis. Balance sheets detail all the organisations’ assets, liabilities and equity. The basic accounting equation is assets equals liabilities plus equity.

Tell me about yourself bookkeeper answers

In your interview, you may well be asked the classic tell me about yourself questions. So, it’s really worth preparing your answers in advance, so you come across well.

In preparing your answers, think about why the interviewer has asked the question. They want to know that you have the accounting bookkeeper skills and experience for the job, and that you have a personality that will fit in with their workplace culture. So, whilst you can give a bit of personal information, like how you like walking the dog for example, they won’t want to know too much on that, or your life story, so keep that kind of commentary to a minimum and overall, keep your answers relatively brief and succinct.

So, tell me about yourself answers, for such a role, might be something along the lines of …

“I’m a senior bookkeeper, with five years’ experience, largely managing budgets and preparing financial statements. I am well versed in using a number of different accounting systems, like Sage and Xero. I love working in a team, and am keen to use my skills and experience to support you in the smooth running of your organisation.”

Or perhaps …

“I am very hardworking, and pride myself on my accuracy and attention to detail. I am also a fast learner, and once I’ve been shown a task, I can be trusted to get on with it with limited supervision. I am keen to learn, enthusiastic and enjoy being around people. I love the outdoors and am an active member of our local hockey team.”

Rehearsing interview questions and answers

Practicing interview questions and answers may feel uncomfortable, but we highly recommend you prepare in this way, saying your answers out loud to yourself or someone else, so you can sound confident and natural during your interview. This level of preparation is a good way of getting into the flow, helping you keep your answers short and sweet, and staying on topic.

Remember, the key thing to think about is how your skills, experience, training and personality make you the right person for the job.

Good luck!

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