Flexibility Matters Zoom Seminar 5 – And now for something completely DIFFERENT: Defining Yourself Through (the) Change – Being Menopoised with Nikki Gatenby

Nikki Gatenby

Nikki Gatenby Co-founder of Menopoised

Thursday 18 June 10-11am on zoom – mail emma@flexmatters.co.uk to claim your space

Our guest this week is Nikki Gatenby. Business consultant and bestselling author of SUPERENGAGED, specialising in the field of culture and engagement at work and the past 10 years as MD and co-owner of Propellernet. Nikki is now Non-Exec Director, Chair and Coach and a recent co-founder in a life-changing start up business, Menopoised®; alongside acupuncturist Jo Darling, developing products that enable women the world over to have a positive menopause, naturally.

Seminar; Defining Yourself Through (the) Change – Being Menopoised

When change happens, it can be challenging. In this seminar we will be discussing the impact of change with particular attention to the menopause.

100% of women go through the menopause, 80% will experience life-limiting issues that directly affect mental health and personal relationships. Only 3% of companies offer support. Rarely are we poised and prepared for such an impact.

For many women, symptoms of the perimenopause start in their mid-40s and this can continue on average for another 5-6 years, 10 years is not unusual. Hot flushes and night sweats can be particularly disruptive during this time.

Women over 50 are the fastest growing group in the UK workforce and with more women thriving in their professions; in higher positions, on the board, founding businesses – it’s vital we support these women to continue doing their great work. Many will know how it feels to sit in a (board)room when a hot flush hits, its awful. And no-one wants to say anything because menopause is the last taboo.

In 2019 there were over 4.3m women between the ages of 45-60 employed in the UK – that’s a lot of women who are about to start, are right in, or have been through menopause and all that it brings. Many of whom, will suffer in silence. Let’s not let that be you!

The impact is that in order to cope, women are more likely to reduce their hours, turn down a promotion, move to a different role or may even be lost from the workplace altogether which can then have significant impacts on their lives.

This bothers us. A lot.  And we know we can make a difference.


It starts with positive conversation, let’s approach this last taboo together and support each other in being of strong mind, voice and impact to continue to define our own futures.

Please feel free to submit points for discussion prior to the seminar and we will aim to include the topic areas that come up.

Please note, this is less about any direct medical advice (Nikki is not a doctor), more about how to embrace change, one that is coming and one we could all do with talking about a hell of a lot more!

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Join us for a different spin on being work ready

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