Based in Redhill, Workhorse makes things simple, offering small businesses the custom flexibility and agility of big business management software, within a budget that doesn’t break the bank and is implemented fast. Providing either Essential solutions, such as order management, or a custom designed ‘end-to-end’ system, Workhorse flex to the unique needs of their clients.

Workhorse owner Alastair Badman was keen to mirror the flexibility of his software and services within his workforce. As a young business focussed on the bottom line, it was essential Alastair secured highly skilled staff as cost effectively as possible. He approached Flexibility Matters to help him and as a result secured three flexible workers, all highly experienced in their fields, able to use their skills to help Alastair grow his business.

Emma and the team at Flexibility Matters already knew that from their pool of talented flexible professionals there would be high calibre individuals. Highly productive within a flexible work pattern, they would be just what Alastair needed to cost effectively move his business forward.
Flexible Working is here to stay – make it work for your business!

By committing to a truly flexible working strategy Workhorse has benefited significantly. Company-wide remote-working has meant access to a wider pool of talent, not restricted by geography, resulting in lower salary costs and office expenses. Additionally, trusted staff are more productive due to being managed by results not presenteeism.

As a fast-moving, developmental business, Workhorse has needed to keep on top of challenges that can affect a workforce that are not all in one place at set times. They have been very mindful of their communication, particularly in relation to goal posts, with a robust check-in structure of regular one-to-ones and team meetings every two weeks. Answers to colleague emails must be within 24 hours, if urgent, the protocol is to call and a ‘Whats App’ group is used for checking-in, queries and to share key wins.

In terms of staff wellbeing, the highly motivated group of individuals, with a ‘can’ challenge attitude, has resulted in growth through peer learning. Sanctioning a work/life balance that works for the individual means they can deliver within their most productive hours. Healthier and fresher mentally, any stress that impairs productivity and quality decision-making is minimised.

Flexibility Matters placed Alison Prangnell, working as head of marketing at Workhorse, who enthuses: “True flexible working has had a massive impact on how I perceive work.  I have always worked hard and delivered what was requested BUT I didn’t enjoy it, it made me stressed, unhappy and demotivated.  Now, with the trust and flexibility that our flexible working scenario offers, I am happier, more engaged and I get more done. Simple.  Every business should do it.”  

If you’re looking for a flexible professional, contact Emma and the team at Flexibility Matters on 0781 0541 599 or 01273 842 288 or visit: Discover customised business management software for small businesses at

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